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This collection was initially inspired by the experience of heart break and being in love. Telling my own experience and story. Going through a range of emotions and mental states. The highest highs and the lowest lows.


These opposites are interpreted through the juxtaposition of textures, materials, and colours.

Using soft draping combined with tailoring, glitter and sequins against the sheen of silk crepe, soft lines and twisted fabrics, with hard armour like bodices.


Going through this experience has encouraged me to work with “The Men’s shed” men’s mental health charity in Sydney, providing care and activities for men suffering from trauma, depression, who assisted me in crafting recycled wooden pieces, as well as using silk dead stock, and other recycled textiles that we created, giving them a second life.



My heart was broken in two and that was the starting point for this collection. Cracks and breaks I felt in my heart - literally like the broken heart cartoon emoji, became the foundation for all the lines and seams, and found beauty in the diagonal lines and deconstructed and slashed garment seams from which the collection was built.



Haunted by the memories, unsure if I will ever feel

that way again – being loved. The past was so sweet yet so dark at the same time. I always hung onto that little bit of hope. The glitter and sequins act as a metaphor for the hope and brightness, the light at the end of the tunnel. 



I needed to protect and shelter myself, and find my inner strength to move on. Just like a worn out old, patched up wooden shack, it is sill standing but your can see through the cracks as if its telling the story of its past. I used small wooden pieces to mend broken seams and slashes.



After being sheltered for so long, eventually I was able to find peace in my heart. And found out that true healing comes from within, where I learned to love myself first in order for me to open up and love others. So I wanted to open up my heart use it as a reference in my collection, for everyone to see that I am ready to love again.

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