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I have a very obsessive personality and often struggle to find the middle ground, its either all or nothing! I have use that to my advantage, but at other times its the cause of many problems for me. As I continue my journey of self-discovery and self-improvement I started I studying the meaning of obsession.

There is a very thin line between love and obsession and these two can often be confused. Both love and obsession have similar energies and originate from the same source. As they evolve they are actually extremely different. Love is very positive, healthy, joyful on the other hand obsession is negative, unhealthy, suffocating. I am very fascinated by the idea of two things that are so similar but at the same time so different, and i find the complexities of the human brain and emotions intriguing. From this, the idea of this collection was born.

I wanted to interpret these emotions in the collection by designing dresses and using fabrics that are of the same colour but different textures. At first glance they may look the same, but as the dress moves you can see the different textures. I experimented in the construction with techniques that are usually not paired together, such as combining couture draping with traditional tailoring techniques in the same garment.

I wanted to express love through the design lines, I did this by creating dresses that wrap around the body tightly - like a warm hug, giving you feeling of love. At the same time, to express confusion and frustration and the feeling of being trapped I used knots, twists, and the chains wrapping around the body like a harness.


My journey throughout this collection has been very emotional, and I feel blessed to be surrounded by a lot of love and a sense of freedom opening up and being venerable. I hope that people feel the love and joy that i have tried to express in the collection.

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