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Born and raised in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, Yousef Akbar went to Australia to study Logistics. However, fashion was his calling and it was while completing his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sydney, that Yousef discovered one could study and train for a career in fashion. Thus, he embarked on a Bachelor of Fashion which he completed in 2016 and debuting the brand in 2017. 

Fascinated by the interaction of the cloth and body, Akbar is about challenging convention in cutting and construction of garments while maintaining elegance and femininity. It is the voice he uses to deliver his message and express in the form of fabric worn on the body. 

Akbar creates a narrative with his collections to evoke emotional undercurrents of everyday life. When you wear one of his garments, you not only will be living his story, but you will be experiencing he’s personal research and quest for inspiration. 

Using recycled and upcycled materials and by supporting local artisans in small communities in the Middle East and around the world, the Yousef Akbar brand is built on spirit of collaboration creating ethical and responsible couture and ready to wear, garments that not only make the wearer look good, but also feel good about wearing. 

“Before I begin designing, I don’t really think about designing clothes, but I think about creating something beautiful. To me this is truly beyond just a profession, it is something I deeply connect with and feel it gives me a sense of purpose.”  –  Yousef Akbar



As a fashion brand we acknowledge the industry’s impact on the environment. We owe it to our planet, and to the generations to come.  Therefore sustainability is at the core of everything we do. We strive to create high quality garments in the most sustainable and ethical ways available to us. And if we can’t create sustainably and ethically, then we won’t do it. We are constantly finding new ways to minimise our carbon footprint and work towards a transparent and zero-waste approach to fashion.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the essence of sustainability is longevity.  We aim to create timeless garments that are versatile and can be worn in different ways and to different occasions  and most importantly made to last, and to be passed on for generations to come. 


Our supply partners

We have built a carefully selected network of partners, many of which are family businesses and artisans whom we collaborate have a close relationship with. We believe in caring for and respecting all people in our supply chain, where everyone dictates their own pay and is paid a fair and a liveable wage. They are our extended family.



We believe in sourcing locally. This way we support our local community and local businesses, which also helps minimise our carbon footprint and helps us overcome supply chain disruptions. In the future we aim to close the loop by working with our customers to create a reverse logistics and waste management program and create a true circular brand.


Textiles and Materials

We go beyond just using deadstock textiles. We collaborate with our partners who continue to use cutting technology to recycle and create new bio-degradable materials and textiles. We also upcycle and recycle materials that many times go to waste including our hardware and metals that we use in our garments.


Animal welfare

We do not use leather, feathers or any materials that may cause harm to animals or that have been tested on animals at any stage of our production process. 


Garment construction

Our garments are constructed using experimental pattern cutting and draping techniques developed by us that pushes the boundaries of construction, which helps us significantly reduce fabric and production waste. 


Design Process

We use the aid of digital pattern making software, and virtual 3D modelling technology to construct and fit the garments virtually before we fit on a human model and finish the design and sampling process manually creating a paperless design process, and helps us reduce production waste and reduces our sampling time significantly.


Giving back

We strive to give something back to our community and to support causes we are passionate about. We have collaborated with charities and work with small communities and family businesses to keep their crafts and skills alive. As we grow aim to support, upskill, and work with local talent in the Middle East. 


Our Future

We are currently working towards full traceability and transparency in every step of the supply chain from the point of origin to the end product.  where our clients can understand and get an insight on how and where our garments are made and the costs involved in the process.







Al Othman Fashion

Moda Mall
World Trade Centre

Manama, Bahrain

(973)3681 0202



Al Othman Fashion

Maryam Complex, Basement
Salem Al Mubarak Street
Salmiya, Kuwait

(965)2575 4955

Saudi Arabia


Es’ Route


966 53 378 1000 




Jeddah, Altahlia St.

Alkhayat Center 2

966 56 569 6556

United Kingdom



87-135 Brompton Rd,

London SW1X 7XL, UK

+44 (0)20 3626 7911



ON Motocomb

11-12 Motocomb Street,

London, UK


(44)207 235 416

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