Collection Inspiration

Firstly I would like to mention that this collection is developed under the concept of sustainable and socially responsible couture, supporting women in the developing world  (in this case india and the middle east) and giving them opportunities to work and and local artisans and dying crafts.
This collection is a celebration of women throughout the world and their courage and strength through times of adversity.
Growing up in the middle east, and having witnessed first hand women being oppressed in a male dominated society has had a huge impact on me. I dedicate this collection to all women - the widows, the orphans, the teenagers fighting to get an education, the sexually and physically abused, and finally to the brave women fighting and standing up for their rights, and revolting against their cultures, and challenging the norm in their fight for equality and freedom shedding a light on their pain, suffering and struggles they face in their lives.
I have researched revolutions and wars and the destructive effect it has on cities and its people especially women, and the stories of women fleeing their homes and becoming refugees. Many whom cross miles on foot and face death in hope of finding a better life. I also looked at the nomadic Arabian Baduin tribes who live in the inhabitable desert and their draped costume.

Inspired by these brave women, the main focus of this collection is to challenge convention, by taking classic feminine silhouettes, deconstructing and then reinventing them using innovative and un- conventional cutting techniques. My aim was to design outfits that surprise you from every angle, while still maintaining wearability, femininity and elegance. Creating draped and twisted looks by investigating the interaction between draped fabric and gravity which symbolise tension, and struggle of the journey that these women em- bark on.
To juxtapose the feminine drape and fluidity I have. used nuts and bolt screws through seams, and to hold draped deconstructed garments together throughout the collection. This was inspired by my research looking at metal devices, that were used to torture women, as well as x-rays of broken bones of abused women showing them being held together by screws. This demonstrates how a simple tool (the screws) can be used in completely opposing ways, one for abuse, and the other to mend.
The final inspiration is of middle eastern geometric architecture, which is a symbol of pride in the Arab culture.
I have developed beading mainly in gold to give hope and optimism that this world will change if we all unite against all kinds of in- justice.